Maximise your exit valuation with sell-side advisory

From start to close, Foundy's expert team offers professional support to guide you to a successful acquisition. Book a call or send us a WhatsApp to discuss how we can support you.

The idea of selling your business is so daunting and overwhelming, I wouldn't have done it unless I came across Foundy.

Founder of B2B SaaS client

No matter where you are in your exit journey, our team are here to help you


Selling a business is complex and time consuming - let us do the heavy lifting

Whether you’re dissatisfied with traditional advisory firms or seeking a reliable partner after careful research, Foundy is your ideal choice.

Our team of industry professionals will prepare your startup for acquisition, present it to the market, and match you with the most qualified buyers. Let us handle the hard work while you focus on running your business.

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Maximise your exit price

  • Our M&A advisors are experts in finding both strategic and financial value in your business and presenting your business in the best light to suitable buyers,format
Modernise your exit

  • Sell your tech-enabled business with Foundy’s AI-enabled M&A solution
  • Our first-of-its-kind technology and sector-specific support empower you with the tools needed,format
Speed up your exit

  • Cut your acquisition time in half as we iron out inefficiencies
  • Our digital approach finds suitable buyers for your business and streamlines the end-to-end process,format
Transparent Pricing

  • One of the first M&A companies to lay out our pricing in a clear and transparent way
  • Our fees are up to 2-5 times lower than traditional advisory firms

Transparent and affordable pricing, tailored to your
business size

Annual revenue:

We undertook extensive research and met with various traditional M&A consultancy firms but their processes were not aligned with our expectations. We were very pleased we came across Foundy as they understood our objectives and use modernised processes which saved us time. It’s great working with them.

Co-founder of a UK-based marketing agency - Essentials Bundle client

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7 steps to achieving a successful exit

with Foundy’s M&A advisory team

Step 1

Intro call

  • Kickstart your exit by scheduling an intro call
  • Meet with a seasoned M&A professional from our team
  • Discuss your business and goals in-depth
Step 2


  • Streamlined digital onboarding that takes minutes rather than weeks
  • Digital integrations with Xero, Stripe, Google Analytics and others to populate your data room seamlessly
  • Save time by avoiding weeks of back-and-forth meetings with traditional advisory firms
Step 3

Exit materials

  • Curated, sector specific exit materials that give buyers the key details about your business in an innovative way
  • Gain valuable insights into buyer interactions with your business, including number of views, unique visits and engagement per visitor
  • We prepare your secure data room with a professional template to showcase your business
Step 4

Buyer outreach

  • We conduct buyer outreach to find, qualify, and connect you with relevant buyers for your business
  • Our team of expert analysts will proactively search for and compile a list of potential buyers with a genuine interest in your business
  • We leverage our network of buyers and conduct a tailored search through our relationships and databases
Step 5

Buyer call support

  • We can support you with initial buyer calls
  • We can provide guidance on how to answer buyer due diligence questions
  • Access expert guidance through the due diligence process
Step 6

Deal terms

  • We help you evaluate buyers' offers and provide guidance on securing the best deal terms that maximise your valuation
  • Our team will be there to help throughout the legal documentation process and ensure the best outcome
  • We connect you with our trusted partner, SeedLegals, or a vetted law firm for a time and cost effective legal document process
Step 7

Acquisition complete

  • Once terms are agreed, buyers will wire funds to our trusted escrow facility
  • Our escrow facility releases funds directly to your bank account and completes the acquisition
  • You have successfully completed your company’s acquisition and have joined an exclusive community of exited founders. Enjoy your exit payout!
We're here to help

Our expert team is here to help

We're here to help you navigate through the complex acquisition process

  • Talk to us your way - chat, Whatsapp, Slack, email, video call
  • Transparent pricing - very few companies in M&A display their pricing but we understand that tech founders expect it
  • Ask us anything - we're here 9am - 6pm GMT Monday to Friday

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