Settle in at (Founders) Home, a fast growing, anonymous Slack community of entrepreneurs building companies

The goal with this Slack community? To provide you a safe space to speak openly about your challenges and ambitions on your journey towards a life changing exit event for your family and shareholders.

  • This community of founders and experts have collectively generated or have raised hundreds of millions of pounds. Learn from their experiences, including failed or successful growth hacks, GTM strategies, pricing models, hiring plans and much more.
  • Privacy: founders are invited to create anonymous profiles using random display names so they can feel comfortable sharing stories, struggles and requests for help.
  • Get expert guidance: a growing short list of experts are placed into each Slack channel to help answer founders questions. These include legal and accounting professionals as well as product, growth and fundraising specialists. Most have built or advised companies that have grown from 0 to £1m then to £10m + in revenue.
  • Professional: This is a community to help one another through the highs and the lows. Maintaining respect and professionalism is essential, especially as your profile is anonymous. We have seen this model work well elsewhere.
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83% of founders dream of one day selling their company but most don't want to talk openly about the journey, including hurdles that could potentially lower or increase their final exit valuation by millions

  • To join, you have to be a Founder and have a goal of one day exiting, even if the event is still years away

Separate to the Founders Home Slack community, Foundy hosts in person and virtual events where you can socialise with other entrepreneurs and meet new investors and clients.

As a registered user on Foundy's platform or a member of the FH community^, you will be the first to know of any up and coming events and opportunities

  • Join us at events hosted in collaboration with our partners, such as Seed Legals
  • Breakfasts, dinners, fun social away days and more
  • Meet new investors, clients and build friendships
  • From your personalised portal on you can access helpful tools, templates, data rooms, investor and acquirer networks

Foundy is the world's first all-in-one AI powered portal to help online companies navigate the end to end exit and acquisition processes


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Our team and advanced tech will help you secure acquisition offers for higher valuations

Choose to list on Foundy's marketplace or run a private, off platform M&A process. Foundy can discretely build and contact a tailored list of relevant strategic acquirers with an anonymous teaser for your business

Collaborate on tasks, documents and pipeline and avoid endless email ping pong and fragmented file management

Utilise the helpful list of tasks to manage the complex step the step transaction process. Delegate tasks to colleagues and external advisors

Save between 30 to 90% in legal fees whilst simultaneously maximising your deal value

Utilise low cost access to a highly advanced legal tech tool trained on thousands of documents to rapidly draft, analyse and redline documents in minutes not months and complete rewarding transactions in a 1/3 of the time
Simple, streamlined workflow

  • Foundy is the UK's leading end to end M&A platform for online business owners to complete successful exits and acquisitions. From your personalised portal, your expert AI and human co-pilots will guide you through readying your data room, securing bids from suitable acquirers, navigating legal documentation and completing a deal at a great exit valuation.
  • Access a suite of vertically integrated tools all in one place, including a secure data room, step by step guides, task list, deal room and instant access to expert advisors at a click of a button
  • Reduce your exit process timeline from 9 months to 90 days and save tens or even hundreds of thousands in advisory costs. Feel empowered when speaking with prospective buyers from the deal making skills and knowledge you have gained
  • Utilise AI tools, including the world's first acquisition M&A advisor, a lender matchmaker that cross compares 120 different lenders simultaneously to provide you multiple proposals and a legal contract analyst tool used by many top law firms
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