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So long mounting billable hours and expensive email chains with a traditional law firm. With SeedLegals, it's quick, simple and cost effective to create, auto-update and sign all the documents to sell your business successfully.

  • Generate documents in minutes
  • Negotiate and auto-update terms
  • Automatically calculate and adjust entitlements and payouts
  • Get documents reviewed by exit experts
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Lead the deal with the Heads of Terms

Instantly create every agreement with every term exactly how you want it. The SeedLegal specialists are on hand to guide you through the terms so you can choose what's right for your company. Send to potential buyers with an optional NDA.

  • Answer the questionnaire to build your Heads of Terms
  • Use the built-in guidance to choose terms
  • Learn from our data: discover which terms are standard and when to push back
SeedLegals Data Room

Seamless and Efficient Due Diligence

Make DD as easy as possible for your buyer. Create the due diligence checklist, disclosures and warranties on SeedLegals. Store, organise and share all the documents securely in your Data Room.

  • Create your due diligence checklist
  • Add files to your Data Room, grant and revoke access
  • Agree warranties, sign disclosure letter

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Free up your time and declutter your inbox and documents - with SeedLegals, legal admin is effortless. Share, e-sign and store all documents securely.

  • Create, share and sign Board Resolution
  • Complete J30 form for share transfer
  • Calculate any stamp duty to pay
  • Approve share transfers
  • Issue new share certificates
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