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Foundy brings the M&A process into the digital age. Buy or sell a business for a fraction of the cost of traditional M&A. Our pricing is affordable, accessible and tailored around each user's business. Check out the costs on both sides.


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Free perks as a business seller

  • List your anonymous business profile in front of thousands of business buyers
  • Find and message buyers that have search interests that are aligned to your company
  • Receive Account management support via instant chat, calls or email
  • Manage your data room and invite your selected choice of buyers to view it
  • Respond to messages from various prospective buyers that message you

Looking to maximise your exit valuation? Our expert M&A advisory team can help

These advisory packages are optional, however, they are very popular amongst our clients because selling a business can often be a complex process. Our expert team and hyper modern technology can help you maximise your exit valuation by boosting buyer engagement.

Type of Relevant TransactionCommission RateTransaction Value
M&A Deal3%On the first £3,000,000
2%On the next £3,000,001 up to £6,000,000
1%£6,000,001 or higher
Fundraising via investment, secondary share sale or any other form of equity funding3%Total amount of funding raised irrespective of the size of the Transaction Value
Fundraising via loans or any other form of debt investment funding2%Total amount of funding raised irrespective of the size of the Transaction Value

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions or issues about your acquisition process, our platform or advisory services view our FAQ page below. If the answer is not there, please do not hesitate to ask us via instant message or email ([email protected]). We are here to help you and continually learn how we can best support our clients

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