Unlock a New Income Stream: Foundy’s Referral Partner Programme

July 2023

Unlock a New Income Stream: Foundy’s Referral Partner Programme

Got a network of founders or business buyers? 

Help us empower founders in their exit journeys and fuel the growth of the startup ecosystem.

Our highly anticipated Referral Partner Programme is LIVE, making it effortless to refer and earn with unique referral links.

Generate your link, share it with your network, and earn a commission if a deal is completed via Foundy, a buyer upgrades to Pro membership, or a seller purchases an advisory package. 

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have about joining the programme.

Why should I care about joining the Foundy Referral Partner Programme? 

Help founders to exit their business without the time and cost of the traditional M&A process.

Help business buyers to access regular deal flow of vetted businesses.

Unlock a new income stream that requires minimal effort on your part.

Who should apply to the Foundy Referral Partner Programme? 

People with a network of founders and/or business buyers and who want to promote Foundy via word-of-mouth and/or within content like blog posts, a podcast or social media posts:

  • Founders, investors and business buyers with peers in the same career

  • Influencers with an audience in the startup/entrepreneurial community

  • Anyone running or participating in communities/forums/facebook groups

  • Agencies (such as SEO, Amazon PPC, eCommerce, digital marketing) who work with SaaS, Amazon FBA, eCommerce or other tech-enabled startup clients

  • Newsletters with an audience in the startup/entrepreneurial community

  • Content creators (such as podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers) with an audience in the startup/entrepreneurial community

  • Venture Capital or Private Equity funds helping their portfolio founders to exit or with a network of other business buyers

  • Accountants 

How much do I earn and for what?

You earn commission when the business buyers and sellers you’ve referred complete a deal, upgrade to Pro Buyer, or purchase advisory:

  • 10% of Foundy’s success fee when a referred buyer or seller completes an acquisition on Foundy

  • 10% of the first subscription fee payment when a referred buyer upgrades to a Pro Membership

  • 5% of the package price when a referred seller purchases a sell-side advisory package

Do I need to become a Partner to generate a referral link?

You do not need to complete a full profile to make referrals and earn rewards, however, we recommend doing so as you will then have access to your links, referrals, resources and payouts.

Does it cost anything to be a Foundy Partner?

Nope! Signing up and participating as a Foundy Partner is completely free and there are no minimum sales required to earn commission.

Do I need to be a Foundy user to refer to Foundy?

You are not required to use Foundy in order to be part of the Foundy Referral Partner Programme, although we would love it if you were well-acquainted with the platform so as to best promote it. 

You can access resources in PartnerStack

How long until I get my application approved?

The Foundy team approves applications on a daily basis. If you haven’t received your welcome email after 48 hours, please get in touch with [email protected]

What promotion methods are accepted?

You’re welcome to use the approach which best suits you, such as using your referral link in emails, blogs, PPC advertising, YouTube, podcast platforms and more.

What do I need to do to sign up to the Foundy Referral Partner Programme?

Submit your application here.

We’ll approve your application if you’re a good fit. 

You can then log into your partner portal via dash.partnerstack.com to access your links, referrals, resources and payouts.

Become a Foundy Referral Partner today