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Reduce transaction timelines by 7 weeks, save 30% in costs and secure 15% higher exit valuations, via Foundy

Why Partner With Foundy?

  • Centralise dealmaking - minimise the admin and conversation breakdowns with buyers, due diligence, legals and escrow all in one place.
  • More buyers - save months of time and tens of thousands in costs finding suitable buyers by listing in front of Foundy's 10,000+ buyer base.
  • Maximise exit valuations - leverage digital tools and valuation data to increase your clients' exit valuations and, by extension, your success fees.
  • Extensive buyer coverage - list anonymously on our marketplace, feature in our newsletter or if you prefer we can undertake a private, off platform search and outreach campaign to a highly tailored list of relevant acquirers
  • New clients - list in our growing business broker directory - we'll showcase your expertise so sellers can easily find you. We have thousands of business owners as registered users on Foundy and tens of thousands in our wider network.
  • NDAs - protect your clients' listings with a free NDA.
  • Product integration - use our product integrations, embedded LOI function, and integrated escrow services.
  • Partner programme - gain access to Foundy's referral partner programme. Refer buyers and/or sellers and earn for every completed deal.

How it works

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Complete the form to apply to become a partner. Once your application is approved, it takes just 5 minutes to create your profile to get started.

List up to 50 businesses

Create listings for up to 50 of your clients. Each listing is anonymous.

Connect with buyers

If a buyer likes any of your listings, they'll send you a message. You can choose whether to reveal the business's identity and provide additional due diligence materials.


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