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How it works

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You'll receive a unique link that you can share with your network. This link will associate any signup with your account, allowing you to track and receive rewards for your successful referrals.

Connect us with buyers and sellers

You can benefit in 2 ways:

Help us find buyers - Find buyers for Foundy's existing sell-side clients. If a business from Foundy's marketplace sells to a buyer you have introduced, you will earn a percentage of Foundy's commission upon the completed deal.

List your sell-side clients - List your contracted sell-side clients on our marketplace to amplify your buyer reach. Depending on the deal structure, we can discuss a reduced commission.

Amplify your client’s reach

Consider listing your sell-side clients on our marketplace to maximise buyer reach, complete deals faster, and secure the best valuation for your clients.

Earn rewards

You will be rewarded upon the successful completion of a deal involving a buyer or seller you have referred. The reward is calculated as a percentage of Foundy's commission.

Features & Benefits

  • Access thousands more buyers to help your sell side clients complete deals faster and at a higher exit valuation.
  • Only pay a small commission if a deal completes. We have a commercial structure to make it mutually rewarding for both your brokerage and Foundy.
  • Opportunity to be included in our newsletters, blogs and emails.
  • Make use of our technology and resources to save you time, effort and capital, including instant chat with buyers, document templates and free escrow services.
  • Leverage Foundy’s referral programme where you can earn money on any buyers or sellers you refer, including your wider network.
  • Seller referrals. Foundy matches business owners with brokers to help them sell their businesses at speed, and with optimal results.

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