Foundy's financing partners provide you access to the capital needed to acquire and grow a business.

What is acquisition financing?

And why might you need it...

  • Acquisition financing enables buyers to access the funds necessary to purchase a business, without having to use or rely on existing capital.
  • This is an increasingly common method of buying established, cash generative businesses.

What are the different types of acquisition financing?

And which could be right for you...

  • There are several different types of financing options available.
  • These include unsecured financing; invoice financing; asset financing and more.
  • Foundy can connect you to the right funding partner depending on your preferred loan structure and requirements.

How can I use acquisition financing on Foundy?

Business Identification

If you're looking to buy a business via acquisition financing, the first step is to look through Foundy's marketplace and identify the business you'd like to purchase.

Initial Agreement

Having identified a business you'd like to acquire, the next step is to contact the seller, conduct early stage due diligence, and agree on a rough valuation and structure for the acquisition.

Form Submission

Foundy has a number of financing partners designed to cater to a variety of circumstances and purchases. Once you've identified a business and agreed initial terms, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Foundy can then connect you to one of our partners.


Once you've submitted the form, Foundy will get in touch with the most suitable partner, who'll then be in touch about the next steps to securing the finance you need.

What details will the financing partner need?


Confirmation of credit score


Confirmation of purchase timeframe


Due diligence on both buyer and seller

This may require the seller to provide certain information, such as P&L statements etc.


If approved, you're now all clear to proceed with the acquisition

Found a business you want to acquire?

Register your interest with us and provide some initial information using the form below. We'll then connect you with one of our finance partners.