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Foundy best supports businesses that are...

  • Generating between £30k and £30M in twelve trailing month revenue.
  • Actively interested in selling a majority stake or 100% of their business.
  • Seeking a modern alternative to sell their business.

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Business Listing

Create a compelling Foundy listing to pique the interest of thousands of potential buyers.

Sales Materials

Let us transform your achievements into a compelling narrative. Our seasoned advisors can develop a polished presentation that encapsulates the unique journey of your business.

Buyer Outreach

Leverage Foundy's expansive network of business buyers. Our advisors will broaden your pool of potential buyers by conducting tailored outreach to connect you with the most suitable prospects.

Maximise your exit

Navigate the critical phase of offers and negotiation with Foundy's trusted advisors. We're here to guide you through due diligence and negotiation processes, ensuring you secure the best possible terms for your exit.

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We undertook extensive research and met with various traditional M&A consultancy firms but their processes were not aligned with our expectations. We were very pleased we came across Foundy as they understood our objectives and use modernised processes which saved us time. It’s great working with them.

Co-founder of a marketing business and Exit Essentials client