Foundy x SeedLegals: Empowering Founders with the Path to a Rewarding Exit

July 2023

Foundy x SeedLegals: Empowering Founders with the Path to a Rewarding Exit

Foundy is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with SeedLegals, the leading platform for automating startup legal documentation.

Selling a business can be filled with its share of challenges, from a lack of interested buyers to exorbitant legal fees. 

The Foundy x SeedLegals partnership is set to further disrupt the M&A ecosystem, leveraging the strengths of both platforms to empower founders with the knowledge and tools to complete a rewarding, time-effective exit. 

Foundy x SeedLegals

Sell your business quickly and easily

From exit prep to payout, founders want to avoid inefficiencies and high costs.

Foundy and SeedLegals have joined forces to provide end-to-end exit support and digital solutions that save founders months of time and thousands in costs when selling their businesses.

From their first buyer message to payout, a Foundy client recently sold their business in just 25 days. 

By anonymously listing your business on Foundy, you gain visibility among thousands of potential buyers who have the ability to directly communicate with you if interested.

Born from first-hand experience building and selling companies, Foundy’s expert team intimately understands the challenges faced by startup founders during the traditional M&A process, including the painfully slow legal process and mounting legal bills. 

And that’s where our friends at SeedLegals make legal admin effortless.

Simplify your exit with Foundy and SeedLegals 

SeedLegals has been an industry leader in simplifying the legal complexities of creating, running, funding, and selling startups, allowing anyone to create robust legal documents within moments, without needing extensive legal knowledge. 

Anthony Rose, Co-founder and CEO of SeedLegals, said, “One of the hardest parts of being able to sell your company is finding a buyer. That's why we're so pleased to be working with Foundy, so founders can connect with buyers, complete the negotiations and tie the deal up with the correct legals much more quickly.”

Earlier this year, SeedLegals launched their new solution, SeedLegals Exit, to provide founders with the legal documents they need to sell a business, from the Heads of Terms and Share Purchase Agreement to the J30 and new share certificates. SeedLegals documents are written by lawyers, easy to customise and quick to build ensuring a smooth exit process for startup owners.

“We are thrilled to partner with SeedLegals, a company that shares our mission to simplify and streamline the M&A process,” said JP Lewin, Founder and CEO of Foundy. “This collaboration will enable us to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the legal needs of startups during their exit journey, making the path to a rewarding exit more time- and cost-effective and less daunting.”

Business owners can now say goodbye to exorbitant legal fees, inefficiencies, and outdated processes. The combination of Foundy’s expertise in connecting founders with acquirers and SeedLegals’ comprehensive platform for legal documents provides a one-stop solution for businesses seeking a rewarding exit.

How does it work?

  • List your business on Foundy: showcase your company to 5,500+ business buyers.

  • Maximise your exit potential with Foundy’s M&A experts: receive a custom valuation report and professional presentation materials which our team will use to execute an extensive tailored buyer outreach campaign.

  • Build your Heads of Terms and NDA on SeedLegals: create your SeedLegals account in less than 3 minutes and complete the questionnaire to build your documents.

  • Access ongoing support: Foundy and SeedLegals’ experts are here to provide guidance throughout your exit journey.

  • Complete your exit: receive your exit payout via Foundy’s free escrow service, approve the share transfer and issue a new share certificate to the buyer on SeedLegals.

Learn more about how Foundy users can leverage SeedLegals.