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Foundy’s marketplace brings the acquisition process into the 21st century, helping you sell your business time efficiently, cost effectively and safely. We are your digital alternative to a traditional M&A advisory firm.

The idea of selling your business is so

daunting and overwhelming, I wouldn't

have done it unless I came across Foundy.

Founder of B2B SaaS Reseller listed on Foundy


Foundy best supports businesses that are…

  • Tech-enabled (e.g. SaaS, eCommerce, Fintech, Marketplace, Agency etc.)
  • Generated between £30k to £30m in twelve trailing month revenue. Although, we can still list companies that have generated at least £10k in TTM revenue
  • Actively interested in selling a majority stake or 100% of their business
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Foundy gives you easy access to credible, vetted M&A experts and legal advisors. So whatever help you need along the way, Foundy’s got your back.

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Track your acquisition progress, access downloadable document templates to streamline your exit.

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Complete a successful, cost-effective acquisition in as little as 30 days, with only a 1-3% commission upon completion.

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We’re eliminating the unnecessary barriers, outdated processes and exorbitant costs of the traditional acquisition process.

Foundy is the UK’s leading acquisitions platform for tech enabled businesses

£3.228 billion

in cumulative budget between buyers on our platform

500+ founders

registered on Foundy’s M&A platform and growing rapidly week on week

5200+ buyers

looking for businesses to buy on Foundy’s marketplace


A personalised approach

We’re eliminating the unnecessary barriers, outdated processes and exorbitant costs of the traditional acquisition process. We empower founders and buyers to realise their dreams and find their futures.

  • Choose a sell-side advisory package for premium support throughout the acquisition process
  • Work with your dedicated account manager for a tailored experience to fit your needs
  • Leverage end-to-end expert guidance, including M&A strategy, valuations and investment memorandums
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Testimonials from Foundy’s founder, buyer,
partner and investor community

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“New challenger brand Foundy has created a powerful, beautiful M&A marketplace platform that can make dreams come true for any ambitious founder.

Rob Cossins

Co-Founder & CEO of Scribe

“Foundy brings much-needed innovation into an old-fashioned world. We're pleased to work with them and excited to watch the platform grow.“

Matt Barrie

Founder of Quiver

“I've sold a business before and it took 6 months and a ludicrous amount of back and forth with lawyers - crazy for what was a small business. I wish there had been a platform like Foundy to streamline the process!”

Software Consolidator

with 60+ companies in its portfolio

“Foundy’s digital marketplace has opened up a new source of prospects to acquire. We are pleased to see their seller and buyer user base grow so quickly in such a short space of time. We are pleased to be part of their buyer community.”

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