Introducing Foundy 2.0: The New Era of Buying and Selling Tech-Enabled Businesses

April 2023

Introducing Foundy 2.0: The New Era of Buying and Selling Tech-Enabled Businesses

Say goodbye to old-school M&A and hello to the future of buying and selling businesses.

As the UK’s leading platform for buying and selling businesses, we at Foundy are thrilled to announce the launch of Foundy 2.0 - the ultimate upgrade to our fast-growing marketplace. 

Our clients want to save time, capital and hassle during M&A processes. 

You spoke, we listened, we acted. 

Everything you need to buy or sell a business can be found on our updated platform. 

Officially launched on the 18th of April, Foundy 2.0 boasts a newly branded interface, additional helpful products, and an enhanced user experience, all designed to offer an even more streamlined and transparent acquisition process for our community of thousands of buyers and sellers. 

What’s New in Foundy 2.0?

Over the last few months, our team has been working tirelessly to design and engineer Foundy’s platform with the intention of providing our users with all of the necessary product features and support channels to transact deals in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

We have engineered this platform by combining our customer feedback with our team’s career experience from the likes of Google, Revolut, and Crowdcube and our founder’s experience building and selling his previous tech company.

Key updates and improvements in Foundy 2.0’s platform include:

👤 Comprehensive onboarding process for richer, insightful profiles

🔍 Intuitive search parameters for tailored deal flow

❤️ Effortless bookmarking of favourite listings

📈 Extensive data and useful acquisition metrics 

📩 Enhanced chat notification system and seamless document attachment

📚 Personalised acquisition guide

🔒 Integrated private data room for business sellers 

⚙️ Expert sell-side advisory services to support your acquisition 

📃 Automated document workflow via our trusted partner, SeedLegals

💸 Free and secure payments between buyers and sellers via

😎 Overall streamlined user experience, interface and branding

Pinpoint your perfect match

Intuitive search filters to buy a business

Complete due diligence efficiently

Extensive data to help you buy or sell a business

Find buyers actively seeking to acquire businesses

Leverage tools, tips and expert support 

With Foundy 2.0, we’re revolutionising buying and selling tech-enabled businesses.

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